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Project Management

Deep fissures in established processes and structures make
new solution approaches in project management necessary.

Remote Project Management

Not only is efficient project management critical to the project success in extraordinary situations, just as it is during phases with higher capacity usage, but it also sets the stage for transparency, deadline and budget compliance, predictive and effective handling of risks, and the optimal allocation of scarce resources. That, however, turns traditional project management into a time-consuming task, one that is often associated with extensive on-site presence as well.

The deep cuts in established processes and structures in an extraordinary crisis situation therefore require new solution approaches for project management. Initially, doing so focuses primarily on ensuring an organization can continue to function, while also initiating changes that sustainably improve stability in a crisis, efficiency and resilience, both during and even after an acute crisis.

Project Management Factory

With the Project Management Factory (PM Factory), msg advisors offers the perfect approach for doing so. We have identified seven levers for increasing project management flexibility, availability and crisis stability and thus ensuring consistent project quality, as well as reduced costs and on-site hours.

msg advisors Leistungspakete Project Management Factory
1. Standardization and automation

of as many processes and routine tasks as possible in order to prevent staffing bottlenecks and fluctuations in quality

2. Virtualization
3. Capacity optimization
4. Quality improvement
5. Service orientation
6. Modularization
7. Cost savings

The Project Management Factory uses this as the basis for providing cross-industry, scalable services in the fields of management, PMO and governance for multi-project structures, agilization, validation, as well as management & coaching.

Leistungspakete Project Management Factory

The PM Factory approach helps msg advisors quickly and effectively ensure project quality and process stability, especially in critical phases, and ensures considerable cost savings on greater flexibility on the business side by relieving the burden on resources and staff.

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