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"msg advisors broadens the industry´s horizons."

Interview with Karsten Redenius, member of msg

Mr. Redenius, to what extent does the msg group benefit from the introduction of the umbrella brand "msg advisors for business consulting"?

The key point is the strong emphasis on our end-to-end consulting competence: we are able to implement strategic customer requirements in structures, processes and systems like few other competitors out there. There used to be one essential aspect: in order to operationalise strategies, a customer had to have a clear picture from which their concrete transformation requirements could be derived. This is no longer the case today, as markets change too quickly and too profoundly. As a service provider we cannot wait until the customer has absolute clarity. Our advantage is that we understand the markets precisely, develop valid future scenarios and enable our customers to make the right decisions while keeping an eye on the future.

An essential feature of msg ...

The msg group has always combined solution competence with very deep industry expertise. We have been consistently developing related know-how for almost four decades now. This is also the DNA of msg advisors. The only difference is that msg advisors focuses more on strategic issues. In cooperation with the msg group, this allows us to really map even the most complex transformation projects end-to-end. This distinguishes us from both the large majority of management consultancies and system vendors.

We are now highlighting this expertise under the new brand. Very different competences and perspectives on transformation processes come together here. This enables us to think and act across industries and help our customers to both react effectively to external conditions and shape the future by seizing the opportunities that are out there.

The diversity of competencies, knowledge of key industries, the end-to-end approach: do msg advisors cover every consulting need?

No, we do not claim to do everything or be able to do everything, that would also be very presumptuous. Firstly, we see ourselves as an industry vendor. It is all about deep industry expertise, precise knowledge of industry-specific challenges and the ability to identify changes within an industry very early on. In fact, our focus here ranges from the transformation and further development of business models to organisational, procedural and systemic implementation.

Secondly, each business consulting unit within the msg group has their own industry focus, which results in a high degree of diversity throughout the group. On the one hand, this means that we combine truly industry-specific best practices, solutions and methods. And on the other hand, we can work very effectively at the interfaces where industries merge into new segments, or even into novel ecosystems.

Do you have an example for this?

Just take integrated mobility. Ecosystems that are created there must not only cope with different mobility solutions.  They must also support appropriate financial and payment models. As well as brand new insurance concepts, of course. Not to mention the integration of private and public transportion, which also entails its own issues. To then make the whole thing sustainable, you also need convincing energy solutions. In the end, the customer also wants to have an app that offers an integrated user interface to this entire system. Consequently, you have different industries in a sigke ecosystem, some of which have never interacted and that follow very different logics, IT architectures, regulations and so on.

Does this example demonstrate why msg advisors sees itself as a transformation partner?

Yes. We bring together the different dimensions that characterise even the most far-reaching change and adaptation process. Starting with the vision which is at the beginning of any transformation journey.

What characterises msg advisors as much as its industry expertise?

First, the ability to identify digital technologies as enablers of transformation and to be able to put them to use. This requires depth of thought and comprehensive expertise at the technology level. This has been the great strength of the msg group for decades and naturally also characterises msg advisors.

Secondly, and accordingly, our strength in dealing with data analytics and data in general. This is particularly important when the dynamics and complexity of topics are high and reliable best practices and routines are not available. In other words, precisely when it comes to strategic transformation processes.

The third aspect is understanding how culture, thought patterns, working methods and competence profiles must evolve in order to make transformation processes sustainably successful. Agility is an obvious and, of course, accurate keyword here and yet it is only one facet of this complex topic.

Your project partners on the customer side are probably under great pressure due to this complexity. What do they expect from msg advisors and what should they expect?

Yes, they are often under great pressure and have few established routines to rely on. They have to deal with a high degree of uncertainty and sometimes bear considerable risks for their companies, teams and also for their own careers. That is why we call them transformation heroes. In this situation we provide orientation and support on the search for the right path.

Especially today, when fundamental work has to be done without knowing exactly what will be relevant or necessary tomorrow. During such processes we help safely guide them thorugh the fog. To do so, we bring to the table precisely those competencies we mentioned before : deep industry understanding, multi-perspective approach, technology and data expertise, agile methods and tools. This is based on trust in us as a reliable, actively involved partner who approaches issues with clear convictions but without dogmatism. As a team that helps develop and support a client's vision, making the project its own. The customers can and should expect all this from us.

What characterises the work in the msg advisors team?

Our team has a motto: "Only establish a rule if it solves a problem. If there is no problem, there is no need for rules." As an employee at msg advisors, you need to have a strong will to solve problems and be prepared to go deep into a specific customer situation, to get in the arena, in addition to having technical expertise. You cannot simply design transformation on a drawing board, work risk-free via remote maintenance with a fixed tool set, then celebrate it as a success.

It's certainly not everyone's cup of tea - but we are not looking for everyone either. We win many bids not just because customers are convinced of our technical and content-related competence. We win them because our counterpart is not only looking for advisors, but also for comrades-in-arms who, together with them, are on the front line. And that is exactly what makes and drives us.

"The key point is the strong emphasis on our end-​to-end consulting competence."

Interview partner

"We combine truly industry-​specific best practices, solutions and methods."

"We bring together the different dimensions that characterise even the most far-​reaching change and adaptation process."

"You cannot design transformations on the drawing board and celebrate them risk-​free via remote maintenance with a fixed tool set."

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Karsten Redenius

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